Bertie Beanland

Bertie Beanland

Tight-head Prop
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My career really started at age 13 where I played for my schools under 15 squad. Being the oldest state school in NZ and having the oldest rugby pitch, the heritage and admiration for the sport was inescapable. From there I progressed through the ranks, e


Life off the pitch:
Boots removed, I try to carry myself with the same principles and disciplines of the sport we all love. I have recently moved to Surrey from Wiltshire and am keen to establish a life here as part of a strong rugby community.
During my time out of rugby I decided to start focusing more on strength athletics as a gym is never far away. This was a good way for me to stay in shape and played to my personal strengths, sprints were never my thing! Last year I competed in a local strongman competition, which I found was a good way to keep focused, sadly short of a podium finish, but was a good way to find areas of myself that needed improvement.

When not playing rugby or at the gym, I am a keen cook and enjoy the outdoors. Finding time to relax is hard, but when I do, it’s either walking my dogs or with a steak.

Past Clubs and Playing Career:

Who is your admired player in history and why?
Obviously it is Andy Goode. Repping it for the normal guys, giving us the belief that if you eat enough pies you can make it to the premiership.

Another player who will probably be featured on this list by countless other is the late great Jonah Lomu. I think you’d be hard pushed to find a better ambassador for the sport, and we owe him a lot for the way he raised the games profile.

What are your favourite rugby moments and why?
Favourite rugby moments are obviously tours, away games and watching internationals at the clubhouse. Apparently kids read this so I won’t talk about tour. But away games are always great for a little banter and good team building exercises.

What advice do you have for our aspiring players?
When I first started playing I had no idea what I was doing and was always on the bench. Keep working hard and don’t give up. People respect as person who always gives it their all, we all started somewhere.

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